Kale Chips 101


If you have not yet tried turning your leafy greens into a crunchy snack, then this is the post for you.  Yes, we grow and eat loads of kale because it's nutritious, but also because it's tasty.  And this is one of the easiest, most addictive ways to enjoy your leafy greens.  Curly kale has a great texture for baking into chips, but you can use any leafy greens. Seasoning options are virtually endless.  However it does not take much salt, (since the natural salts in the leaves become more concentrated when they are dehydrated), so use salt sparingly. Here's a basic recipe with a few seasoning suggestions:


1-2 bunches of curly kale leaves

Olive oil

Kosher or sea salt

Alchemy Spice Fat Elvis Memphis Rub (or your favorite spice blend)



Remove the washed kale leaves from the stem and thick rib. Pat dry with paper towels.  Place on a baking sheet and spray or massage a little olive oil onto the leaves. Spread the leaves into a single layer, then season lightly with salt and a little Fat Elvis.  The kale leaves will shrink to about 1/2 their original size, so you may want to make several batches.

Making Kale Chips

Place in the oven at 350 F  for 10-15 minutes, or use a lower temperature to preserve more nutrients (about 250 F) for 20-30 minutes.  Either way, it's important to check the kale every 5 minutes or so, turning the leaves to expose more of the moisture, and checking that they do not burn.  They can dehydrate quite quickly at times, so make sure you are watching them closely.  Once they are crispy, remove from the oven and let cool.  The most difficult part about this recipe is deciding whether or not to share the kale chips.