BBLT (Bacon Basil and Local Tomato)


The basil aioli and tomato flavor combination is so good, it would be a shame to let it fade into the archives with the tomato pie recipe. As I took a wander down Main Street today it wasn't difficult to come to a BLT conclusion for how to pair them together again. These organic homegrown tomatoes are mouth-watering. (I should apologize now to the people who are reading this post from another city or country.  You will have to come visit to taste for yourself, but we have a bit of a home-team advantage with this one.) I started with the best tomatoes, then paired with fresh bread from an amazing artisan bakery and bacon from a producer of local, farm-to-table cured meats, who happen to reside side-by-side on our little Main Street.  I keep waiting for the candlestick maker to move next door, but in the meantime I'll be satisfied with the tastiest fresh bread and tempting hand-crafted local bacon.  On Wednesday's the Main Street Farmer's Market is busy with farmer's and local food producers from around the region selling their goods.  So with a walk down Main Street shorter than the length of a department store parking lot, you can buy locally made bread, bacon, and all the fresh, homegrown tomatoes and basil you can eat. Local is the buzz-word among foodies, and for good cause.  But here's the cherry on top: This sandwich is AMAZING.  I scored a rare pumpernickle loaf at Niedlov's Bakery for my sandwich, but you can use whichever is your favorite. As for the bacon, there is nothing quite like this thick sliced hand-crafted goodness from Link 41.

One loaf of your favorite Niedlov's bread
One Signal Mountain Farm Tomato

Fresh basil leaves 2 Tbs Basil-Garlic Aioli per sandwich Salt & Pepper

Cook bacon, slice tomato and bread to desired thickness, and layer on bread with torn basil leaves and a generous dollop of Basil-Garlic Aioli on both slices of bread. Invite a friend over for lunch, or you might be tempted to eat it all by yourself.