By supporting a small farmer you are contributing to your community and your health in many ways.


CSA or Community Supported Agriculture is a growing trend across the country with people who like to know how their food is grown and where it comes from. Members join before the growing season begins, giving the grower the capital necessary to begin the season. Members receive a share of produce weekly starting mid to late May and runs 18 weeks.

By joining this cooperative group you will re-establish a relationship between farmer and consumer. Out of this relationship arises a new freedom (from industrial agriculture), which ensures the survival of the small family farm and the health of your family.

There are many reasons to support the family farmer. Education on how your family’s food is produced, where it comes from, what it cost to produce, and who is responsible for producing it. 

Protecting a small business that enhances, rather than degrades our beautiful Tennessee countryside.

Supporting your Local Economy 95% of food consumed in Chattanooga is shipped in from elsewhere. Those dollars are also on the next truck out of town!

Eating produce that is not genetically engineered. Creating a niche which enables small farmers to compete in our world of ever increasing agriculture super business.

Building Community Developing important relationships by weekly access to local, high-quality, produce and eating with the season.


Our produce is grown on Signal Mountain Farm. We want to ensure the best seasonal produce every week and a nice variety. In the event we have a crop failure or need to add variety to the season, we will partner with other sustainable farms. We make sure that the partner farms are growing consistently with our standards.